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Born out of a great passion and need to make Homeopathic and Natural medicines more accessible to the general public...

The inspiration for the doc’s choice™ (owned and managed by Golden Rewards 642cc) brand of Homeopathic & Natural Remedies was born out of a great passion and need to make Homeopathic and Natural medicines accessible to the general public, easy to use and understand and to provide a completely safe, effective and easy form of treatment as a first line of defence against all ailments, from birth onwards. The interest and effectiveness has been shown both adults and children alike, because Homeopathy is safe for all.

The range was formulated in 2007 after realising the great need for their availability. Always seeing such fantastic response to homoeopathic medicines from her own children and her many pediatric and other patients and the ability for every parent to be able to use them effectively at home, supported the desire of giving people back the power to manage their own day-to-day health. The earlier we intervene in supporting the body’s response, the quicker we can bring about resolution, which basically means to get well again.

The more knowledge and available tools we have in life, the better and these are very important tools that every person deserves to have in their cabinet.

Many parents would love to choose a natural remedy for their children before resorting to harsh chemical medicines and the brand provides this without any fuss in a simple spray. Administration is effortless, whether the child is compliant, stubbornly closing their mouth or fast asleep! ALL products in the range are safe from BIRTH onwards, although some are age appropriate due to the conditions that may then arise.

doc’s choice™ as a company is extremely passionate about educating people in natural medicine and has vowed to remain at the forefront of teaching and demystifying Natural Medicine and providing easy to use, accessible medicines. Ongoing R&D helps us add products that are essential for your home healing kit.

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…about Homeopathy:

The WHO estimates that there are over 500 million people in the world today who take homoeopathic medicines and 65-80% of people use Natural Medicines in general. You and your family should be one of them.

Homoeopathy is a form of Natural Medicine, using only natural substances in the preparation of the medicines. Homeopathy uses immeasurably small doses to stimulate the body’s own defence system and healing processes to resolve the condition in an efficient and rapid manner. Homeopathy focuses on bringing the entire body back into homeostasis, or balance, with gentle stimulation of your own body’s responses.

Homeopathic medicines are made in a very specific manner that harnesses the healing power of the natural substance while removing any possible toxic effects, thereby making many naturally occurring substances useful as healing tools.

Because children’s systems are so energetic and vital and their immune systems are developing and improving on a daily basis, they respond and react very quickly to homeopathic medicines. In short, healing is quick and long lasting, all the while strengthening the system to be stronger when faced with the next ailment.

Homeopathy is a very useful stand-alone therapy, as well as an integral piece in a healing regimen when combined with herbs and other nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals. And can be used very successfully in the acute phase of many illnesses to assist in bringing about a resolution process which thankfully relieves the intensity of symptoms and alerts the individual that they are indeed on the mend, that they are ‘turning the corner’.

Herbals and other natural remedies are also available in the range that are essential in the supportive healing processes that our body needs.

Please explore the products in the range and read the related links and articles, and we welcome your queries and comments.