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We have been using the sprays and they work like a bomb. Homeopathy is not a quick fix so you need to persevere but it is definitely worth it. My children have been using homeopathic medicines for 9 years and we have not looked back. They still get sick but they seem to go through the stages much quicker and do not get sick again a couple of days later. The sprays together with olive leaf extract are the most important things in my medicine box.”

Nicole Russell     

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The inspiration for doc’s choice™ brand of homeopathic remedies was born out of a great passion and need to make homeopathic and other natural remedies more accessible to the general public…

doc’s choice™ products are easy to use and understand and to provide a completely safe and effective form of treatment as a first line of defense against all childhood ailments, from birth onwards. The scope of the brand has included adults who have used it just as well, which makes it not exclusively a kiddies’ brand and certainly suited for all.

The range was formulated after realizing the great need to make natural medicines easier to choose, use and understand. Always seeing such a fantastic response from our own children and many pediatric and other patients, we decided to embark on the journey to help further the use, availability and knowledge about Homeopathic and Natural Medicine.

About doc’s choice™ Naturally

Who can use it? Anyone! But it is especially suited for Kids…

Many parents would love to choose a natural remedy for their children before resorting to harsh chemical medicine and the brand provides this without any fuss in a simple spray. Administration is effortless, whether the child is compliant, stubbornly closing their mouth or fast asleep!

The WHO estimates over 500 million people in the world today take homeopathic medicines. You and your family should be one of them! Homeopathy is a form of Natural Medicine, using only natural substances in the preparation of the medicines. Homeopathy uses immeasurably small doses to stimulate the body's own defense system and healing process. Homeopathy focuses on bringing the entire body back into homeostasis, balance.

Manufacture is done in a very specific manner which harnesses the healing power of the natural substance. The remedies gently nudge the body to respond to the illness in a more intense manner, enhancing all the healing effects of the system and assisting in bringing about healing in a much more efficient and rapid manner.

Because children’s systems are so energetic and vital and their immune systems so active, they respond and react very quickly to homeopathic medicines. In short, healing is quick and long lasting, all the while strengthening the system to be stronger when faced with the next ailment. Regular use of natural remedies improve overall immunity and assists incredibly in the management of day to day health.