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We have been using the sprays and they work like a bomb. Homeopathy is not a quick fix so you need to persevere but it is definitely worth it. My children have been using homeopathic medicines for 9 years and we have not looked back. They still get sick but they seem to go through the stages much quicker and do not get sick again a couple of days later. The sprays together with olive leaf extract are the most important things in my medicine box.”

Nicole Russell     

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7 helpful Questions & Answers you want to know about Homeopathy

Q 1 : What is homeopathy?  

A: Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that when given in minute doses stimulates the body's own ability to heal. Whichever system is affected, the body must respond in a certain way to contain, overcome and eliminate the problem. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the systems and responses necessary to assist the body in getting rid of the threat and restoring balance, harmony and therefore health. In this way it treats the whole body and does not just remove the unpleasant symptoms.

Q 2 : What are Homeopathic remedies made from? 

A: The remedies are prepared from small quantities of material that is either of vegetable (herbal/ plants), mineral (from rocks or other mineral sources e.g. Shells) or animal (venoms, stings and milks are sometimes used). Those who would rather not consume an animal origin product should contact us for verification.


Q 3 : How can they then be safe? 

A: Because Homeopathy uses a minute amount of the original substance and then dilutes this further in a specific manner, any and all toxic effects of the original substance are removed. The body's own healing systems are stimulated and actually do the work. The remedies leave no residue in the body and do not need elimination systems to 'clear' them, as is the case in conventional medicine. They are not addictive nor habit forming and can be safely used by the entire family, from new born to Granny.


Q 4 : How are remedies prepared and how are the doc’s choice™ complexes put together? 

A: Homeopathy has a unique and precise method of preparing the remedies, by repeatedly diluting and succussing (shaking) the substance between each stage of dilution. This process is known as ‘potentisation’. After each stage of dilution, the remedy becomes less chemically active and more energetically active. Eventually the remedy will contain no molecules of the original substance and will only be energetically active. This is the thorn in the side of conventional sceptics who then argue how it has any efficacy. Energetic healing is becoming more well known and explainable and it won't be long, in my opinion, until research is able to prove how. But really, in this day and age of technology and energy, anything is possible. The proof is in the results.


Q 5: Who can use Homeopathy and doc’s choice™? 

A: Anyone and everyone, including your dog, cat or horse! Homeopathy has gained increasing popularity among the veterinary community in its treatment of animals, including wild animals. Because it is not a chemical medicine that affects your body's functioning and puts pressure on other systems and causes side effects, Homeopathy can be safely used on newborns, babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Even though doc’s choice™ has focused on babies and children, any aged person will benefit from the remedies if their condition calls for it. And the spray makes it easy for everyone. Aren't you just sick of taking tablets?!


Q 6: Why is there little or no scientific proof that Homeopathy works? 

A: There is actually much research available that proves its efficacy, as well as many studies disproving the "placebo effect" - the fact that babies and animals respond so well. A little bit of research into the research is needed for those who advocate it as a hoax. Anyhow, for those that have experienced it, they know.


Q 7: Is there a difference between Homeopathic and Herbal Medicine? 

A: Yes, there is a very big difference. Herbal medicine uses naturally occurring substances in their original form as the medicine. I.e. The leaves/roots/bark of a specific plant are boiled and drunk (herbal teas) or made into a tincture or tablet and taken whole, containing all the chemical compounds found therein. Herbal medicine is full strength, chemical medicine, just like that found in nature, in the perfect balance of chemicals. Herbs contain certain compounds that cause a direct and physical reaction in the body, 'actives' (the ones extracted and made into drugs), but also other compounds that block or counteract any negative effects that the 'active' ingredients may have. Herbal medicine is not just SAFE because it is NATURAL, this is a dangerous myth. People should respect the immense power of herbs and not just presume that natural is safe. Overdosing and incorrect stimulation can occur, advice is essential.


Homeopathic medicines however, may use herbs as their base for some remedies, but also use mineral and animals products as their base and are made in the specific way of dilution and succession mentioned earlier. This process dilutes any toxicity out of the medicine and enhances the energetic healing powers of those naturally occurring substances, thus stimulating the body's own ability to heal. Very different.

Questions and Answers about Homeopathy